Global Leadership

Helping Organizations Gain Competitive Advantage By Becoming Truly Global

Without Global Leadership
What is global leadership? It’s more than being internationally based. It’s about adapting and engaging in local cultures, where you work, in the office and in the field.

Executive Development Group helps prepare organizations to become truly global in their practices, and this is a significant competitive advantage because, simply, most businesses overlook it!

A 2013 Right Management study reported that 42 percent of individuals in overseas assignments fail. The same study found 22 percent of North American companies don’t provide learning preparation for executives being sent abroad.

Global leadership requires executives to embrace diverse learning at the personal/interpersonal and at the business macro level. They must learn to embrace differences with curiosity and empathy in a way that seeks mutual benefit and growth.

Many Executive Development Group clients are globally dispersed and require leadership that can effectively engage in multiple international cultures.

To succeed globally, continual assessment, learning and coaching is key.

This is a fundamental step in making an organization global, but most companies are missing the opportunity. Implementing a global leadership process not only improves performance for the organization, it can also hone competitive edge.

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