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Executive Development for Learning Organizations

The Executive Development Group, LLC is a partnership of consulting psychologists providing executive education, leadership development and coaching to businesses, NGOs and business schools around the globe. We provide executive coaching, curriculum, workshops and feedback to individuals and groups. We are also on the faculties of select business colleges.

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If you’re a leader right now, here’s your handbook

Late last summer when my team began the work to bring Relax, It’s Only Uncertainty into the digital age, we could not know how much the world would change in just a few short months. I hope that you and your families[...]

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Overcoming our natural aversion to change

Writer Michael Toebe asked Randy about resistance to learning. Read the article “Answers Behind the Resistance to Learning” here. This is an especially timely subject, as we all face increasing uncertainty, that is evolving with every news cycle. Toebe does[...]

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Learning your way through a tempest

It’s better to continue to sail through a violent storm than to turn back. If you head back, you’ll lose any progress you made getting through the storm. Depending on the direction the storm is moving you’ll be racing to[...]

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