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The Executive Development Group, LLC is a partnership of consulting psychologists providing executive education, leadership development and coaching to businesses, NGOs and business schools around the globe. We provide executive coaching, curriculum, workshops and feedback to individuals and groups. We are also on the faculties of select business colleges.

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The adult in the room has left the building as Sandberg leans out

As a leadership advocate, I think Lean In – the book, the buzzword, and the movement – has some merit. Yet, at the same time, its critics – women who challenge its premise as not being equitable to all women[...]

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How do we develop leaders for the workplace when the workplace has disappeared?

We’ve officially moved our residence to Miami. As I look around the unpacked boxes, waiting for the decorator, I look out the windows on Biscayne Bay and the high-rise cranes around the Miami metroplex, I have two thoughts. First, I’m[...]

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Ambiguity natives – are we thinking of the best ways to tap the new leadership potential?

They know all about ambiguity and uncertainty. My colleague Dr. Jeremy Ghez wrote, “Don’t bore them with talk about VUCA. They’ve lived in a VUCA world where change is constant and fast.” Gen Z’s entire world experience has been nothing[...]

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