There’s a homecoming this week that’s bringing coaches, teachers, authors, psychologists, statisticians and curriculum specialists to Greensboro, North Carolina, USA…including some of our staff.

The Center for Creative Leadership is celebrating its 40th year of existence and current and former associates will be reacquainting at the place that not only gave many of us our start in the business of developing leaders, but also helped define an internationally recognized focus on psychologically based executive education.

Lately, we’ve been writing about trends in emerging markets outside the US. Much of this is being carried out by the Center itself and its affiliates. But also, the concepts and principles that originated at CCL are the basis for uncountable independent consultancies and some of the most respected business schools in the world.

We recognize CCL for being the knowledge center that gave a platform to hundreds of people in the development of 360 feedback, personality assessments and executive coaching, who might otherwise have had to find other endeavors. The faculty and staff of the Center benefited as much as the participants. Over half of Executive Development Group came from The Center for Creative Leadership and it’s hard to read a book or a scholarly article on executive education that doesn’t have a CCL footnote.

After the formal ceremony and some more personal gatherings, we’ll be taking it back on the road to Houston with HEC and Abu Dhabi with Duke CE.

Thank you, Center for Creative Leadership.