Yes. You just have to look a little deeper than our top national leaders, according to Randy White, writing in Great Leadership, a blog by Dan McCarthy.

We are seeing that leadership is a calling and it’s often more geeky than macho and certainly not authoritarian.

Randy, writing in Great Leadership

Randy spotlights leaders who have emerged during the pandemic, not from the top, but from rank-and-file. People who – like many great leaders in history – were called and rose to the occasion. Specifically:

“Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta relating to us as a parent and an executive, saying enough is enough and here are things we’re doing about it. Sheriff Chris Swanson in Michigan who ‘protected and served’ protesters, by joining their march. Dr. Anthony Fauci laying out both what he knows and what he doesn’t know.”

It’s the non-authoritarians who are winning the day, by demonstrating some of the key practices of the learning leadership model — A mode we see in business in which nobody knows the answers and the leader’s job is to orchestrate and give structure to create shared solutions.

From the article:

“Well-developed leaders are piqued by ‘not knowing’ and motivated by the challenge to find out. They enjoy learning and they don’t mind mistakes as long as the mistakes are the kind where we learn and grow and ultimately leapfrog us forward to a viable solution.”

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