Assessments for Learning and Leadership Development

Executive Development Group is a partnership of psychologists for which scientific data informs the work. And most of our work benefits from individual assessments to provide a baseline for development through feedback and to assure that we are working on the most important priorities, an individual’s strengths and weaknesses as they relate to interpersonal effectiveness in the workplace.

Executive Development Group is affiliated with Franklin & White, the leading administrative and processing resource for assessments and personality profiles, such as Myers-Briggs (MBTI), FIRO-B, Strong, Change Style Indicator, Campbell Leadership Index (CLI), Benchmarks, Skillscope, Profiler, Conflict Dynamics Profile and others. Performing back-office functions that add value through economies of scale and centers of expertise.

Through this relationship we offer a variety of support services and special project skills unique to the needs of management development consultants.  Our clients include  executive coaches, leadership consultants, organizational development professionals, and university executive education programs around the world that relay on turnkey implementation, scoring and management of most major assessments.

We also offer and rely on our proprietary assessment, The Ambiguity Architect®, which assesses a person’s ability to manage and navigate uncertainty. Ambiguity Architect has proven to be valuable in identifying high performers and high potential personnel, as well as in developing their skills for demanding assignments. Read about Ambiguity Architect here.