The Ambiguity Architect® 360 assessment

“Being uncertain means that I lack confidence.” “There is really no such thing as a problem that can’t be solved.” These are measures used in the “Intolerance of Uncertainty” and “Tolerance for Ambiguity” assessments, psychological tests that are attracting new attention in medicine, clinical psychology, and the business world as tools for helping people unlock the upsides of not knowing. In essence, the tests measure the degree to which people view uncertainty as a challenge or as a threat — a seemingly innocuous difference in attitudes that nonetheless affects how we learn, argue, and solve problems.

–Maggie Jackson, from “The Gift of Being Unsure What to Do” in The Boston Globe, January 17, 2021

Executive Development Group offers its own proprietary assessment, The Ambiguity Architect, which measures an individual’s ability to manage and confront the inevitable ambiguity and resulting uncertainty of business.

Our data and research suggest that most high potential managers and executives have a high degree of tolerance for uncertainty.

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing environment, the capacity to deal with ambiguity and change is a skill that is becoming increasingly important at every level of an organization.

Recent research in leadership has shown that there are basically three core competencies that every leader must have, i.e., the ability to:

  • be strategic
  • work as part of a team
  • handle ambiguity

The same research shows that there is an enormous amount of focus and energy dedicated to the first two skill areas. The third area, however, has been left virtually unexplored. Given the environment as we know it and the forecasts that predict that there is no relief in sight, now is the time to focus on the third element. The Ambiguity Architect® helps you and the people in your organization develop the ability to deal with ambiguity and change.

Developed by Randall P. White and Philip Hodgson, the Ambiguity Architect® is used as an integral part of your assessment and development process. The Ambiguity Architect® is the tool that will help you and your organization set the tone for creating and sustaining a team of successful leaders.

Ambiguity Architect can be purchased from Executive Development Group or we can make it part of an organization’s executive education or coaching intervention.