Board Evaluations

Assessments, feedback and coaching can improve your board leadership, its innovation and its performance

Make it more than a check list

Most companies understand the need for board evaluations, but too many approach them as perfunctory processes—a function of checking off compliance items on a list.

Executive Development Group offers a developmental approach with boards through comprehensive engagements in which we become attuned to your organizational culture. We assess and coach optimum performance and maximize the leadership talent while enhancing how well each individual works with others.

Board evaluations are common, but satisfaction varies

A 2016 study by the Rock Center for Corporate Governance and the Graduate School of Stanford Business reveals some risks and opportunities among America’s boards of directors:

A recent study by Women Corporate Directors and Bright Enterprises found that more than three-quarters (77%) of director respondents believed that their boards would make better decisions if they were more open to debate, and 94% said that criticism can help bring about change when it is used properly.
“Boards Must be More Combative,” Harvard Business Review


of organizations do board evaluations


of directors are satisfied with their evaluation process.


of members with high level of trust for fellow members.


of boards evaluate their individual members.


of members say their boards do a good job with remediation of underperformers.


rate members as highly effective giving feedback.

Executive Development Group provides more comprehensive board evaluations

Our highly confidential approach to the Board Evaluation process is similar to our world-class executive coaching services.

We collect data through intensive interviews with a variety of sources to learn about the impact and effectiveness of CEOs, board chairs and board members and then provide feedback to guide development. The mission of our board evaluations is to identify a board’s purpose and to help the board become more strategic, as it also learns and grows.

In these days of term and age limits, a board evaluation is a practical option for realistically assessing individual and overall board performance to hone a better organizational edge.

Consulting psychologist Dr. Randall P. White leads our board evaluations process.

The Executive Development Group has experience with Fortune 500 companies and private corporations of all sizes. Top performing global executives rely on our data-based and scientifically sound methodology and our partners comfortably work as peers with board level personnel.

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