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Helpful insights on the opportunity of uncertainty

Writer and author Maggie Jackson offers a refreshing look at new research on ambiguity and uncertainty in her article for the Boston Globe, "The Gift of Being Unsure What to Do."[...]

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If you’re a leader right now, here’s your handbook

Late last summer when my team began the work to bring Relax, It’s Only Uncertainty into the digital age, we could not know how much the world would change in just a few short months. I hope that you and your families[...]

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Learning your way through a tempest

It’s better to continue to sail through a violent storm than to turn back. If you head back, you’ll lose any progress you made getting through the storm. Depending on the direction the storm is moving you’ll be racing to[...]

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Uncertainty is good for learning. Are you good with uncertainty?

A Yale University study last month says we learn when uncertain. “We only learn when there is uncertainty, and that is a good thing,” said Daeyeol Lee, Yale’s Dorys McConnell Duberg Professor of Neuroscience and professor of psychology and psychiatry.[...]

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Do we need Chief Curiosity Officers?

  Photo: Greg Rakozy In our work studying how people deal with uncertainty and through our use of The Ambiguity Architect® we’re ambassadors of embracing the unknown. So we were interested in Todd B. Kashdan‘s article in Harvard Business Review, titled,[...]

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How three clients mastered ambiguity

Randy White and Sandy Shullman feature the stories of three clients of the Executive Development Group in their article, “Build Leadership’s Tolerance for Ambiguity.” Read it all in this month’s CLO Magazine We have a serious problem at the Food[...]

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