The Council Leadership Team needs Randall P. White for one more term

randall_p_white_phdAs psychologists, we find ourselves in an environment of divisive politics and shifting cultural priorities with the potential for significant upheaval. So much so that interpersonal engagement and organizational structure can feel the strain. We also must address some of the most complicated ethical discussions of our time in a way that maintains the APA’s position of intellectual authority in the field and, when necessary, as advisors for our nation’s leaders addressing human dilemmas in world events.

As a social psychologist working in a consultative capacity with global organizations and international leaders, I bring a great deal of experience to face this challenge. My life’s work has focused on leading through uncertainty, organizing groups to address difficult challenges and facilitating improved interpersonal collaboration among diverse team. (Read bio here.)

It is vital that the Council Leadership Team work toward goals that include opportunities for all voices to be heard and understood. We need this so that well-informed decisions can be made in a way that does not alienate opposing parties in the continuing process of growth and improvement.

Since the CLT was formed, we have worked through difficult times in transitioning the Council—including defining the newly created roles we fill—to become a strategic discussion and decision-making forum. During the past two years, we’ve explored ways to resolve difficult issues. Not all worked, but we’ve learned and adjusted and made some progress in establishing better ways to hear diverse voices and opinions.

Moving forward, it would be my goal to especially deal with longer term strategic issues facing psychology and psychologists, no matter their area of specialization.

As an experienced member of this group, I see that we have compiled many excellent options but our biggest challenge today is how to move from “talking to death” the issues we face to making strategic decisions, developing plans of action and implementing our plans.

I want to move us forward in a direction that even those who might not have originally agreed can get on board and support further progress with the confidence that we’ve made intelligent informed decisions.

Please cast your vote for Randall P. White, Council Leadership Team Representative, At-Large Member.

Thank you,