In this month’s edition of Dialogue, colleagues Hervé Coyco, Roger Hallowell and Randall P. White present and discuss the concept of “deep engagement” and suggest two vital principles in the journey to achieve it:

1) People before rules

Break the rules when the long-term benefits of breaking them exceed the long-term costs…At organizations with extraordinary cultures there is an innate understanding of when to break rules.

2) Emotional leadership

When done effectively, the organization’s culture reflects the belief that individuals are human beings first, and vehicles to accomplish work second.

The authors, three HEC adjunct professors, share examples of how deep engagement is a performance advantage at global organizations. They define it as, “a state in which individuals have a sincere and deep emotional attachment to their work and their organization.”

What’s not to like? Most organizations don’t have it, but a few do and they’re often remarkable in customer service, setting the standards for competition to follow.

It may also be particularly important in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, in which uncertainty and ambiguity are high, and risk-taking fundamentally important.

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Illustrations: Ben O’Brien