Effect Positive Change

Engage amidst ambiguity and uncertainty to navigate the changes in restructuring, new product lines or corporate culture.

Change management and understanding how to handle ambiguityChange management is one of the top concerns of learning organizations. Executive Development Group is the trusted change counsel for multi-national corporations and scores of small to medium enterprises. We achieve this through research-based analysis, assessments, feedback and coaching.

Uncertainty causes ambiguity and your ability to confront ambiguity and use it to your advantage is one measure of a healthy organization. For example, if a proven methodology doesn’t exist, it might be yours to create and lead the competition. Why follow trends when you can invent them?

Our flagship instrument, Ambiguity Architect®, is proven to assess individual and organizational capacity to confront the uncertainty of change. Learn more here.

To learn more about how Executive Development Group can help you lead change intitives, contact us.

Recommended reading:

Relax, It's Only Uncertainty: Lead the Way When the Way Is ChangingRelax, It’s Only Uncertainty: Lead the Way When the Way Is Changing
by Philip Hodgson and Randall P. White.
Hardcover – 256 pages 1st edition (May 10, 2001)
Financial Times Prentice Hall; ISBN: 0273652419; Dimensions (in inches): 0.92 x 9.50 x 6.40