Writing in CLO Magazine, Randy White presents the benefits of the more leadership-focused executive MBA. Randy spoke with academic colleagues Dr. Roger Hallowell, Marina Kundu and Dr. Mary Logan to gain insights about how masters programs have evolved to include self-awareness, emotional intelligence and practical field experiences, for experienced executives with global perspectives.

…Learning organizations can look to EMBA programs as effective leadership development opportunities. The EMBA’s more specialized focus that functions as a laboratory to develop an understanding of leadership and to test and view the learners’ effect on organizations in real time.

For some organizations, EMBA programs are powerful options to develop high performing executives.

Randy includes the example of TRIUM graduate Swaady Martin, who used her EMBA experience to launch Yswara, an innovative marketer of African luxury goods.

Martin still follows the strategy developed in her EMBA. She also relies on regular meetings with a former classmate and mentor, a top executive with luxury brand Hermès, for feedback and advice, which is not uncommon for EMBA graduates.

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