Team Development

It’s About You, Your Team, Your Organization and Your Success


Team development within organizations can show impressive results in business improvement. Executive Development Group works with team members to improve their interpersonal skills and effectiveness through assessments, feedback and coaching, along with classroom experience.

Issues vary widely from organization to organization. We have found it best to custom design programs to meet specific needs. Our process includes:

  • An initial interview with the “champion” or contact person to determine if there is a good fit between what is needed and how we believe we can help.
  • If there is mutual agreement that we can be of assistance, we then conduct a series of interviews with your team leader, team members and other relevant stakeholders. In addition, we may observe the team at work and ask your executives to complete a brief survey on the organization culture.
  • Based on this assessment and with the help of the appropriate parties, we design a change program to produce the desired results.
  • Typically, we begin with feedback of the data and building a plan for improvement.
  • Often these sessions are two to three days in length. The core elements of the program include:
  1. Assessment and feedback.
  2. Models for effective teams and organizations.
  3. Experiential exercises and activities.
  4. Discussion of current issues facing the team and the organization.
  5. An action plan. The discussion of a work-related task the team is currently dealing with can form the centerpiece of this session, and a team frequently makes progress on that task as we move through the program.

Once the plan has been fine-tuned and accepted, we work with your team to determine whether and how we can be of assistance during the implementation. A primary advantage of working with an intact work team is that the members can give each other ongoing feedback and support during and after the session as they work to achieve their goals. This can result in increased effectiveness for both the team and the organization.

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