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Learning from learners around the world

As American leadership consultants working on six continents we see an opportunity to be simultaneously proud and humbled as we observe trends in emerging markets. The source of pride comes partly from having contributed in the authoring of the modern[...]

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Recommended reading— Gender equity is teachable to the organization

Since co-authoring Breaking The Glass Ceiling: Can Women Reach The Top Of America’s Largest Corporations? in1987 (paperback in 1994), we’ve seen great progress in the advancement of women in business. Last week Katrin Bennhold noted in International Herald Tribune that[...]

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Ambiguity is catching on

Since Phil Hodgson and Executive Development Group partner Randy White published Relax, It’s Only Uncertainty in 2001, we have seen not only validation among the executives we work with, but also greater interest in the challenges of ambiguity in business.[...]

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CLO Magazine: It’s okay to be uncertain

Drs. Randall P White and Sandra L Shullman are featured authors in the April issue of CLO Magazine. Writing on Ambiguity Leadership, Randy and Sandy advance the idea that an aptitude for ambiguity and the ability to be comfortable amidst[...]

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CLO: Nice work if you can do it.

In this month’s CLO magazine: It’s nice to be needed. There’s been an uptick recently in coaching and executive education engagements in South Africa, India, France, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and, ever so gradually, the United[...]

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