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Uncertainty is good for learning. Are you good with uncertainty?

A Yale University study last month says we learn when uncertain. “We only learn when there is uncertainty, and that is a good thing,” said Daeyeol Lee, Yale’s Dorys McConnell Duberg Professor of Neuroscience and professor of psychology and psychiatry.[...]

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Executive Development Group leads Masterclass in Doha

“Are Leaders Born or Made?” was the title of a Masterclass we just completed at the Commercial Bank Plaza in Doha. It’s the latest special session tailored specifically for Commercial Bank in a partnership between HEC Paris in Qatar and[...]

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Teaching in Singapore – what to expect and how to prepare

Teaching in Singapore can be a choice assignment for Western trainers and instructors. Lily Kelly-Radford shares her experience on what to expect and how to prepare in the April 2018 issue of Training Magazine. The cultural experience on the ground[...]

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Deep engagement and how to get it

In this month’s edition of Dialogue, colleagues Hervé Coyco, Roger Hallowell and Randall P. White present and discuss the concept of “deep engagement” and suggest two vital principles in the journey to achieve it: 1) People before rules Break the[...]

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Authentic leadership ought to be hard work

Photo courtesy Takatuf. Authenticity is in demand. Your boss and your staff want the real, unvarnished you. Or do they? They might actually prefer a more polished, thoughtful and developed “you.” Experience suggests that the hard work of personal development can[...]

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Global leadership: Western curricula needs to be attuned to Eastern culture

For global leadership development, Western-style curricula continues to be in demand in Asia, but as Lily Kelly-Radford writes in Chief Learning Officer, it needs to be carefully attuned to local culture in order to be effective. What should you look[...]

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