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Four strategies to get the best from younger workers

Rather than focusing on differences that are irrelevant to the company’s mission, focus on the energy and fresh talent that every new generation brings. Channel this toward ways to keep the organization competitive and vibrant while also doing a better[...]

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Let’s explore the role of failure in success

Illustration: Dialogue Where does failure fit? Much of the Executive Development Group’s work focuses on the development of emotional intelligence and learning leadership. Emotional intelligence is key to the interpersonal workings of the organization. Without it, a business might not[...]

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Leadership outcomes from the EMBA, in CLO Magazine

Writing in CLO Magazine, Randy White presents the benefits of the more leadership-focused executive MBA. Randy spoke with academic colleagues Dr. Roger Hallowell, Marina Kundu and Dr. Mary Logan to gain insights about how masters programs have evolved to include[...]

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Leadership development for developed leaders—At the top schools, it has a lot to do with the talent in the room

[LSE entrance photo: Umezo KAMATA] Financial Times recently featured the growth of Masters in Management (MiM) degrees at leading business schools around the world. One key difference between “traditional” MBA programs and executive MiM courses is the average age of[...]

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