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Letting go – the art of strategic compromise

Executive Development Group partner Dr. Sandy Shullman writes in Training Industry about the power and advantages of letting go in a debate or conflict. It’s more about emotional intelligence than weakness and helps build trust, respect and – often –[...]

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Leadership development for developed leaders—At the top schools, it has a lot to do with the talent in the room

[LSE entrance photo: Umezo KAMATA] Financial Times recently featured the growth of Masters in Management (MiM) degrees at leading business schools around the world. One key difference between “traditional” MBA programs and executive MiM courses is the average age of[...]

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Sandy Shullman and Lily Kelly-Radford on “becoming global”

Sandy and Lily write in the May 2015 issue of CLO Magazine, drawing on their experience in global degreed curricula as well as executive coaching. A 2013 Right Management study reported that 42 percent of individuals in overseas assignments fail.[...]

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“Smashing the Glass Ceiling Once and For All” with Linda Sharkey

Breaking The Glass Ceiling: Can Women Reach The Top Of America’s Largest Corporations? first published in 1994. Twenty years later, how much has changed? Linda Sharkey, PhD and Dr. Randall P. White  discuss how far we have NOT come in[...]

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Gratitude for Captain Edge and the crew of Flight 2276— American Airlines pilot demonstrates some down-to-earth leadership

Teaching leadership to executives around the world, sometimes the curriculum and principles can get so theoretical that it’s nice to hear what leadership sounds like in the real world. I heard it on American Airlines Flight 2276 from Curaçao to[...]

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