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Ambiguity natives – are we thinking of the best ways to tap the new leadership potential?

They know all about ambiguity and uncertainty. My colleague Dr. Jeremy Ghez wrote, “Don’t bore them with talk about VUCA. They’ve lived in a VUCA world where change is constant and fast.” Gen Z’s entire world experience has been nothing[...]

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A toxic workplace in a pandemic is even harder on marginalized employees

A toxic workplace brings down collective productivity for everyone. It typically causes lower morale, increased anxiety, depression, withdrawal, and anger. It causes a real harm to health. Long term, the loss of productivity, lack of retention of good workers, increased[...]

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Uncertainty leaders and the possibilities of “cautiously optimistic”

I predict we’ll be hearing the phrase “cautiously optimistic” a lot now. The New York Times tells us “The Economy is (Almost) Back. It Will Look Different Than It Used To.” The parenthetical “almost” sticks out as a hedge on[...]

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Letting go – the art of strategic compromise

Executive Development Group partner Dr. Sandy Shullman writes in Training Industry about the power and advantages of letting go in a debate or conflict. It’s more about emotional intelligence than weakness and helps build trust, respect and – often –[...]

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