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Learning plays a role in creating a diverse workplace through the leadership examples it presents. If we’re still relying on the case studies of the past – mostly white, mostly men –  how can we expect minority learners to see themselves as potential leaders?

Dr. Lily Kelly-Radford discusses the importance of inclusive curriculum to present “leadership that looks like me” in her article for Chief Learning Officer, “A Not-so-white Paper on Succession.”

Unless you are a white male, it’s hard to find many places where leadership consistently “looks like me,” even in the hypothetical examples used in corporate learning.

Of course, there are Black, Latinx, female and LGBTQ leaders gaining recognition, but in the day-to-day workplace, many find themselves self-editing or disillusioned. Others may not see them as eligible as succession candidates.

Lily Kelly-Radford, CLO Magazine

How inclusive is your learning process? Can you show more paths to succession in your curriculum? Are your current leaders being or providing role models for newer personnel? Are they aware that high potential minority employees may not see themselves in leadership positions within your organization?

Executive Development Group can help you instill and install an inclusive vision for succession that invites non-white, non-male folks to see themselves advancing in your organization. We can do this through learning engagements, curriculum design and executive coaching.