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Toxic workplace – what leaders can do about it

The term “toxic workplace” has been widely used lately and means different things to different people. What does a toxic work environment look like and more importantly, how does it feel? Overall, it’s an environment that doesn’t feel psychologically safe.[...]

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The three most important characteristics of agile teams

Agile teams are comprised of people who are able to deal well with uncertainty. They run toward it, they don’t avoid it.

And, they do at least these three things very well:


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How to encourage feedback in cross-functional teams

Feedback is vital to development. Dr. Lily Kelly-Radford was interviewed by Deanna deBara for Lattice.com, the HR and talent management online publication. “Having a mentor in another department is one of the most valuable things that can happen in an[...]

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Dr. Sandy Shullman on strategic thinking in Business on Business

Writer Claire Turrell interviewed Sandy for this piece in Business of Business. Read here.[...]

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Helpful insights on the opportunity of uncertainty

Writer and author Maggie Jackson offers a refreshing look at new research on ambiguity and uncertainty in her article for the Boston Globe, "The Gift of Being Unsure What to Do."[...]

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If you’re considering working with a coach, prepare to change

Journalists have a saying: “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” The same applies to the field of executive coaching. If you tell us, “I’m good with people,” we check it out. We go looking for confirmation[...]

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Learning’s role in building a diverse workplace

Photo: Adobe Stock Learning plays a role in creating a diverse workplace through the leadership examples it presents. If we’re still relying on the case studies of the past – mostly white, mostly men –  how can we expect minority[...]

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Go ahead and hit the wall. It’s normal.

Marathon runners “hit the wall” when they lose the ability to run as fast as they’d like or even come to a complete stop, when their bodies run out of fuel. In the beginning we were all about hikes, dog[...]

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American leaders are rising to the occasion. Oh really?

Yes. You just have to look a little deeper than our top national leaders, according to Randy White, writing in Great Leadership, a blog by Dan McCarthy. We are seeing that leadership is a calling and it’s often more geeky[...]

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Lily Kelly-Radford’s six tips for calling out racism in the workplace

Speaking up against discrimination is your responsibility. Here’s a primer. Calling out racism in the workplace is important to create an inclusive environment for all employees, says Executive Development Group partner Lily Kelly-Radford.  “When people feel safe in their jobs,[...]

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